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Fr., 09. Juli


schwarzescafé I Luma Westbau

TEDxZurich Salon - Talking Taboos

What is a TEDxZurichSalon? The Salons complement the main event by bringing the community together more frequently and providing opportunities for conversation and heightened interaction between speaker and audience. Think of it as a dinner party with the smartest people you know.

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TEDxZurich Salon - Talking Taboos
TEDxZurich Salon - Talking Taboos

Zeit & Ort

09. Juli 2021, 19:00

schwarzescafé I Luma Westbau, schwarzescafé I Luma Westbau, Limmatstrasse 270, 1. Stock, 8005, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

Über die Veranstaltung

It’s time to break down our barriers and discuss some of society’s most taboo  subjects. Money or sexuality, religion or mental health, what topics are  still taboo in our modern world?

Aside from the main  speeches with the theme “Talking Taboos”, there will be Workshops  organized by HITS in the Generali Innovation Garage. Salons are intended  for smaller groups, which spark more productive discussions. The number  of participants depends on the protective measures, which we must  comply with official BAG requirements.

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